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Nobody believed Psyonix could pull off this game. Their idea was to take the football rules and replace humans with cars. That’s what Rocket League is.

Due to its brave concept, the game immediately seized everyone’s attention after its release in 2015. Players have liked it. They were impressed with the game’s action and skill cap. It has predetermined RL’s eSports future.

Since 2016, the Rocket League Championship series has been the game’s biggest event. You can bet on it at GG.Bet. As the eSports betting leaders in Canada, we provide the best odds and most betting markets at RLC. You’ll learn how they work next.

Top Rocket League Tournaments to Bet On

Rocket League betting features many tournaments. And GG.Bet has small and big ones. However, the biggest interest among our Canadian visitors falls onto the following 3 events.

Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)

The biggest S-tier event is the Rocket League Championship (RLCS). It has been conducted since 2016. Yearly, Psyonix, Twitch, and Epic Games invite the 24 best teams worldwide to battle for the $2,000,000+ prize pool.

All the RLCS games are in 3v3 mode. We’ll stream all of them at GG.Bet if you don’t want to visit an offline show, which was in Düsseldorf in 2023.

Collegiate Rocket League (CRL)

The second most popular event for Rocket League betting is CRL. And yes, it involves students. All the Collegiate Rocket League participants come from universities in North America and fight for their establishments.

Since 2017, CRL has awarded a total prize pool of $1,274,000 – and it’s not stopping. Look for the fall and spring collegiate series at GG.Bet.

Regional Championships

Besides these 2 giants, we feature many minor Rocket League events. They’re called regional. They include The Salt Mine in Europe, Regional Rumble in Asia, and others. Regardless of their scale, these events aren’t lacking in odds and lines. Let’s look at them now.

Markets for Rocket League Betting

Since Rocket League betting in Canada is popular, we create several lines for it. The most popular ones are:

Betting Type Description An Example
Match Winner Which team win the match Choose between Team A - Team B
Map Winner Which team scores a win in the map (in BO3, BO5, or BO7 formats) Choose between Team A - Team B
Totals We give you a score number. You bet on whether the score goes over or under it 7 goals total: choose between over and under
Handicap Some matches are unequal due to a skill gap between teams. They don’t attract bettors. If they wager on the favorite, the odds are too low, while the odds are unlikely to fulfill for the outsider. Handicap solves this issue. It equates teams by reducing a winning requirement for a weaker competitor. Choose between Team A or Team B scores 1 map
Outright Which team wins the entire tournament Choose between all the events competitors
First Goalscorer Bet on which team/player scores the first goal Choose between Team A - Team B or all the players
MVP Bet on which player will be the most valuable during the match or the map Choose between all players in a match/map
Best Scorer/Defender Bet on which player in the match/map scores the most goals or saves his gate from the most strikes Choose between all players in a match/map

It doesn’t matter which of those Rocket League betting markets you use. You’ll get an extra profit. Let us explain.

Enjoy the Best Rocket League Odds

GG.Bet is a niche bookmaker. That has put us into the game where we fight over each client on the eSports market. We win over a lot of them with our odds for Rocket League betting.

To calculate them, we analyze every bit of pre-event information and other bookies. And then, we have numbers. But to make our Rocket League odds more favorable, we raise them slightly. Yes, it creates a profit for you out of thin air, but that’s the price we pay for effective marketing.

At GG.Bet we have different odds. You can choose Decimal, US, Hong Kong, Indo, and Malay types. Change them by clicking a gear in the upper right.

We’ll present to you how RL odds work based on the Decimal type. For instance, the Rocket League betting market you’re using is totals, presenting you a score of 8. The odds for the over are 1.70 and 2.50 for the under.

The lower the decimal odd number, the higher the chance of it happening, and vice versa. If you bet C$100 on 1.70, you’ll receive C$170 back (initial stake + C$70 win). To know it, we’ve only multiplied your stake by the odd number (so it’s a multiplier too).

Use Various Strategies with Live Betting

GG.Bet features betting on Rocket League in live. It allows you to place wagers on the matches/maps that have already started. But be careful. When wagering in live, the odds constantly change according to the in-game situation.

They’re easy to track at GG.Bet. We introduce a live stream attached to all the Rocket League games with live bets. Watch it and bet on the same page.

What’s more, we have unique prop betting markets in live format. So, make sure you at least check them out.

Rocket League Betting Tips for Accurate Predictions

It takes time to become good at Rocket League online betting. But wasting a lot of money and betting on becoming accurate is unnecessary. Smarter bettors learn from others. And that’s what you can do now with our next tips.

Know the Map Pool and the Playing Styles of Both Opponents

The first thing to do before Rocket League betting is to analyze competitors. Take a look at their playstyle. Some teams prefer defense and counter-attacks, while others rely on consecutive strikes.

You can learn players’ playstyles online. When you know it, compare them and determine which is stronger. It may be difficult at the start. But as you start practicing it, you can predict an outcome easier.

Monitor Player's Forms and Rosters

If players are out of form or roster, tracking team playstyles will do nothing for you. So that’s what you must check, too.

The best way to know if the player is ill or is out of the roster is through his team’s blog. Its social page must feature it. But if there’s none, check out the team’s website.

Analyze the Results of the Previous Matches

An excellent way to know what to expect from a competitor is to check his previous performances. That’s easy. There are tons of Rocket League betting matches that present all the recent game events.

Keep Up to Date with META Updates: Rules, Match Format, Patches, etc.

A thing that you should always consider is META updates. For instance, when you are wagering on the outright winner, knowing how many teams attend an event and what they are is crucial. The same is true with formats. It’s hard to bet on Rocket League accurately if you’ve predicted a 3v3 match, but you see a 2v2.

Find a Tournament that Suits Your Betting Needs

Determine what you want from Rocket League bets. Do you need a good profit? Then, bet on RLCS matches with the highest odds.

Or do you need regular events for betting? In that case, you’ll like small regional competitions which are frequent. But they give less profit.

If you need properties of both event types, find something in the middle. Or just bet on everything.

Join the #1 Rocket League Betting Site and Make a Profit with GG.Bet!

We have been in the gambling and betting market since 2016. Through all these years, we’ve found that odds, live betting, and diverse markets are the most important for Canadian bettors. That’s what our RL section has.

Canadians can legally access it anytime and bet on the best Rocket League tournaments. Pick between RLCS, CRL, and a bunch of regional events. High profit is guaranteed. We always increase our odds to win a competition with other bookmakers.

So what are you waiting for? Create an account at our platform, and open the Rocket League tab to bet and win. And don’t forget to grab a 300% bonus before!

FAQ about Rocket League Bets

What strategies are effective for Rocket League gambling?

It’s the same as for any other game/sport. It’s essential to do as much research on teams as you can before wagering. It will let you predict a game better. Also, always stay up to date with game/event updates.

How many RL matches are on average daily in the GGBet line?

It depends on the current events. Usually you will always have something to bet on when tournament season is underway. However, when this eSports has breaks, there will of course be no matches.

How to bet on Rocket League at GGBet?

To make a Rocket League bet on GG.Bet, register first. Then, click a deposit button in the upper right, pick a method, and add cash to your account. Next, choose Rocket League to the left, pick a match and a market, and place a bet.

Is it legal to wager on RL in Canada?

Of course. GG.Bet has a Curacao license, which allows us to operate legally in Canada.

What bonuses are available for Rocket League eSports betting?

The first bonus you can claim is the Personal Bonus. It matches 300% of your first deposit for up to C$100. And there’s more. You can also claim several free bets, bonus chests, etc.