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Mobile Legends
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Looking for a new game to wager on? Consider Mobile Legends! It’s a perfect mobile MOBA developed by Moonton.

The game was first launched in Asia in 2016. Just one year later, it became the most downloaded app for iPhone in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Esports was next.

ML had a ton of little events before its Kuala Lumpur World Championship (M1) in 2019. Since then, Mobile Legends eSports skyrocketed. In 2024, the game sprawls west, and Canada gets into it, too.

In terms of Mobile Legends betting, GG.Bet covers this region. We feature many Mobile Legends events with high odds and tens of betting markets. Below, you’ll discover these and our other features.

Be a Winner with the Ultimate Mobile Legends Betting Site

GG.Bet specializes in eSports betting. We create the best conditions for betting on any game, including Mobile Legends. They start with security.

When you use GG.Bet from Canada, you are legally safe. Our Curacao license obligates us to be fair and transparent. If not, everyone can charge damages.

As we’ve been on the betting market for more than 8 years, we know what punters want. We have that. For MLBB betting, we allow numerous events using several markets with high odds.

The secret of our excellent ML section is in our LoL experience. These games are alike. Thus, we quickly created a solid betting section for Mobile Legends once it became popular in Canada.

Improve Your Bets with Bonuses

One of the reasons Canadians choose GG.Bet for ML betting is bonuses. We have plenty of them. The first one you’ll face is the Personal Bonus. It is our interpretation of the welcome offer. It gives you a 300% match on your first deposit, up to C$100. Next, you have chests.

If you make at least 1 ML bet a day for 5 consecutive days, you get a Rare Bonus Chest. Open it for C$10, C$5 free bet, C$5 bet insurance, 100% deposit bonus, 200% deposit bonus, C$2.5. Also, you can directly buy an enhanced version of this chest.

There’s also a free bet bonus. If you bet C$20 three days in a row, you receive two C$20 free bets. This and other bonuses are easy to activate. Open a “Promotions” tab, find a desired bonus, and click “Activate.”

Bet on All Mobile Legends Championships

Our Mobile Legends betting site features all the major ML events. The first is the World Championship. It’s run offline in Kuala Lumpur in Winter. It invites the 16 best teams from Asia and South America to fight for the prize pool of $900,000. It has grown for $650,000 since the first M1.

The next worthy event is the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup. It’s organized by Moonton, Mineski Global, and ED Entertainment and takes place in Aeon Mall Mean Chey, Phnom Penh. It features 12 teams. They come from Asia, North America, Turkey, and MENA for a $300,000 prize pool.

On top of these 2 giants, GG.Bet allows ML betting on many minor events. These include regional A-tier competitions like MPL Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, MENA, Snapdragon Pro Series, etc.

Choose among Dozens of Markets for ML Betting

Regardless of the event type, GG.Bet has dozens of Mobile Legends markets. These include:

Match Winner Who wins a match
Map Winner Who wins a map in the BO3, BO5, or BO7 series
Total If the score goes over or under a given number
Handicap Who wins a match. Handicap applies only to Mobile Legends matches with unequal teams and equates their bets. It reduces a win condition for a weaker team. For instance, if you bet on an outsider, he has to win just one game in the series (BO3, etc.), so you win.
First Blood A player/team who draws a first-blood
Outright Who wins an entire tournament
First Tower A team that destroys the enemy’s tower (any) first
The First Boss Kill A team that kills one of the map bosses first
MVP A player who’ll be considered the most valuable according to his effectiveness

These markets for ML matches start from the easiest and finish with the hardest. So, if you’re a beginner, progress gradually.

Confidence in Every Mobile Legends Bet in Live

If you want to achieve maximum Mobile Legends betting accuracy, you’ll like our live bets. At GG.Bet they’re super convenient. All the ML matches we provide live bets for have streams attached. Watch and bet on the same page.

In addition, we provide unique prop bets for live matches. Their odds are above average. So, we recommend at least checking them out.

Mobile Legends Odds and How It Works

We take a lot of time to create our Mobile Legends odds. First, our eSports experts analyze as much information that can influence a bet outcome as possible. Then, they examine other bookies and create odds.

But flat odds aren’t attractive. As a leading Canadian bookmaker, we raise them a little to win over more bettors. And it works. Why would someone refuse to make a more profitable bet?

At GG.Bet we have different odd types: Decimal, US, Hong Kong, Indo, and Malay. Decimals are the most popular. It’s because they are most straightforward to calculate.

For instance, Mobile Legends betting odds for the match-winner market are 1.30 to 3.10. The lower the odds, the more probable the outcome. To calculate your bet’s profit, multiply it by the odd number and subtract an initial bet amount.

What Makes MLBB Unique: Gameplay, Characters and Features

Mobile Legends betting in Canada has quickly gained tempo due to the game’s transparent gameplay. It’s like in any other MOBA. So ML’s game starts with two teams of five players picking characters.

That’s a critical stage. With 122 characters available, it’s vital to pick the ones that counter opponents and synergize with other teammates. Once done, players distribute on the map.

The laning stage begins. Now, every 30 seconds, a pack of minions will walk down one of 3 lanes. Players must last hit them to get gold and stay near when they die to gain experience.

Currently, players aim to get their critical levels and items. When they do, their power spikes, and they can turn their strength into an advantage. It means killing opponents, taking down their turrets, and capturing bosses.

This builds up to a critical mass. When it’s big enough, it allows one team to enter the enemy’s base and attempt to destroy their central structure. If they succeed, they win.

This entire format is perfect for creating new strategies. Teams regularly surprise you with creative character compositions, items, and playstyles. It makes each match unique.

Why Online Betting on Mobile Legends is a Smart Choice?

Mobile Legends is a niche eSports. But as it slowly popularized in the West, bookmakers, including GG.Bet, strive to attract more bettors to it. One of the ways they do it is through increased odds. Another is promotions. The chances are you’ll see Mobile Legends betting bonuses during the biggest events like M1 and Southeast Asia Cup.

Even though betting on Mobile Legends is new, game rules are old. If you’ve ever watched or played Dota, LoL, HoN, or HoTS, you’ll quickly understand ML. Thus, you’ll be able to Mobile Legends bet more accurately.

The final benefit of Mobile Legends betting is regular matches. GG.Bet always has a few. So you don’t have to wait on a match/event with ML, but you can just open the site and bet.

Tips for Successful Mobile Legends Gambling

Successful online betting on Mobile Legends requires strategy. You need time to develop it. Or you can just follow some useful tips you’ll find next.

Know the META and Rules of the Game

Understanding the game is the key to everything. So, learn how the game works, what different characters can do, etc., before you wager. And don’t forget about META. You can learn it by checking META reports online.

Analyze the Selection of Heroes from Both Sides

People experienced in MOBAs know the importance of team composition. They determine 80% of the game. So, you must learn to understand and analyze drafts to get profit when placing a bet on Mobile Legends.

It will come with experience. But if you want to speed up the process, try playing the game yourself or watching guides on YouTube.

Study Team Strategies and Monitor Their Rosters

Each team plays the game differently. Their strategies might involve split pushing, early team fights, or minor skirmishes. Specific strategies work better against others. Learn that.

And when you’re wagering, compare common strategies of facing teams and determine which is stronger. But if you want to be as accurate, consider character drafts. And on top of that, always check if the team roster is full, so you know the teamplay will be solid.

Bet in Real Time to Reduce the Risk of Losing

Live betting provides you with the most information about an upcoming match. Thus, your Mobile Legends betting will be more accurate. However, remember that the further you peak into the game, the lower the odds.

Conduct Statistical Analysis of Opponents and Their Past Performance

Team statistics contain valuable information. They reveal how well the teams performed recently, which hints at their future results. Consider it. Not many Canadian ML betting sites can offer stats. We can, and in real time! But you should also always monitor reputable eSports resources to keep up to date with the news of the discipline.