Futsal Betting in Canada


Futsal is a shorter and, in some ways, a more intense variant of association soccer. It is played with two teams of five indoors on a hard court, which guarantees more contact and more goals. It emerged in the 1930s in Uruguay, and, since then, it has been very popular in South American countries. Nowadays, it is increasingly growing in popularity in Europe and Asia and is regulated by two governing bodies: FIFA and AMF.

The fastest-growing indoor sport

Despite being more of a niche sport, futsal is quickly growing in popularity. It features a smaller indoor court, shorter rounds (down to 20 min.) and five-person teams ensure a more intense and active experience. The players get more opportunities to be in contact with the ball; hence, the game is more focused on individual performance rather than on team play. All of the things mentioned above make futsal not only a fun and entertaining game to play and spectate, but also an ideal situation to train your skills. It is known that some widely known “big” soccer teams, such as FC Barcelona, regularly use futsal in their training process.

The first international futsal competition was held in 1965. Currently, futsal is governed by two separate organizations: AMF and FIFA. Both organizations organize various tournaments for men and women, including world championships and regional competitions. AMF organizes its version of World Cup every four years since 1982, while FIFA World Cup was founded in 1989 and is also held every four years. Due to a high number of international and regional events, there are always plenty of sport matches on which to place bets, and you will always be able to find the one with the best odds.

Futsal Betting with GGBET

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Is Futsal Worth Betting on At GGBET?

Futsal is absolutely booming! This indoor version of football features flashy moves, is played at a ferocious pace and has more goals than you can handle. Check below why people love betting on futsal at GGBET!

  • The games are short and sweet - Futsal is played over two twenty-minute halves. So if you don’t have 90 minutes to watch a football game, futsal is a perfect option!
  • Most skillful players in the world - Do you wish Ronaldo or Messi would do more trick shots and flashy moves? Tune in to top-tier futsal games and watch world-class players unleash nutmegs and stepovers!
  • Never a dull moment - Futsal is incredibly fast-paced, and with the average game featuring 6 goals, you will never get bored!

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