Football Betting in Canada


Association soccer is the most popular type of team sport in the world, with more than 250 million people playing it across the globe, so it’s no wonder that it takes such a huge share of the betting market.

Things to Consider Before Making a Soccer Bet

Soccer is a team sport, with each team represented by 11 players on the field, including goalkeepers. The aim is very simple — to finish the match with a higher amount of scored goals than the other team. Despite its deceptive simplicity, the result of any match depends on a great number of things within and outside of a team, which makes it almost impossible to predict the outcome of the game with complete confidence. However, you can increase your chance of winning while making bets on soccer by keeping an eye of some specific things. First and foremost, be sure to check the rules of the league on which you are planning to place your money. For example, in some leagues, there may be draws, while in others it’s not possible and the winner is determined by overtime or a penalty shoot-out. Second, always keep an eye on what’s going on with the team’s roster; a player may be injured and will be replaced by another player, which can significantly influence the result of the match. There are many other things that you need to consider, such as how your team performed recently and even where the match is played. Sometimes even a team playing on its home soil can help it win against a stronger opponent! All of the above should be taken into account to decide whether the proposed odds are fair and you want to place your money on a match.

Soccer Betting at GGBET

We are glad to be able to present you with one of the best platforms for soccer enthusiasts. Here, you can wager on both international competitions such as World Cup and UEFA, as well as on all major local leagues, such as Bundesliga, Premier League and others. The following features will make your sport hobby even more enjoyable:

  • Best odds on the market;
  • Wide range of available payment methods; and
  • Easy registration.

GGBET has amazing football betting markets. Check out some of the exciting bet types below:

  • 1X2 - Simply predict which team will or if a draw will happen. This is the easiest way to bet on football matches and is great for beginners!
  • Total - Are you an expert at predicting goals? Then try a total wager! With this bet, you need to predict how many goals will be scored in a match! You have two options, over or over GGBET prediction.
  • Handicap - Most football games have a clear favorite, so to make things even GGBET places goal or goals handicap on a team. That means your bet can still win even if your team loses less than the handicap margin. For example, if you bet on Team A with a +2 goal handicap, if they lose 0-1 you still win!