FIFA Betting in Canada


For about 30 years, FIFA has being released annually and currently it is the most popular soccer video game and the most successful series among sports emulators. This is only natural, as it emulates the most popular sports in the world — association soccer — and has one of the biggest publishers — Electronic Arts — behind it. The game also has a well-developed Esports scene, which offers many interesting options for betting.

Main cybersoccer with Local and International Tournaments

The publishers of FIFA quickly realized the game’s potential in Esports and organized the first major international tournament in 2004. Since then, the competitive scene has been constantly developing, and currently there are local tournaments, FIFA Global Series, in the following regions:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • West Asia and South Africa
  • East Asia
  • Oceania

The participants of the official tournaments can play on both PlayStation and Xbox. Each season ends with a major international final FIFAe World Cup that features the best players from each region. Thus, there are always interesting events on which to place your bet.

Bets on cybersoccer with GG.BET

Esports has always been the main priority of GG.BET, so our platform is designed for comfortable betting on FIFA and other Esports titles. Here you will find a wide range of available bets, including an option to make live bets, outrights and express bets. We also always offer our new and regular clients various rewarding bonuses.