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Ultimate Darts Betting with GGBet Canada

Why do we love betting on darts? Primarily because of unique and exciting matches. But GG.Bet enhances darts betting to another level. We offer you a top choice of darts events among the Canadian bookies. You’ll find exciting matches all year round. Moreover, they have non-trivial bets.

Our number of darts markets makes betting diverse and refreshing. Each stake feels like a new experience.

Finally, we deliver you very competitive odds. We crank them up a bit. Thanks to this, you’ll receive an increased darts profit at GG.Bet.

Popular Darts Betting Markets

Our clients love the darts markets we provide. Their variety helps us to satisfy more bettors. We have easy bets for beginners and more rewarding ones for experienced punters. Our lines are:

  • Match winner. To bet on who wins a darts match;
  • Tournament winner. To bet on who’ll get the tournament’s trophy;
  • Game winner. To wager on the winner of a game in the match series;
  • 180 bets. Different types of bets on the player with the most 180s, total 180s, or being the first to score 180s;
  • Highest checkout. Bet on who gets the biggest checkout.

When you choose darts at GG.Bet you may bet on combined outcomes. They let you wager on several markets at once. For instance, there is a Full House line to predict a match winner with the highest checkout and most 180s.

Betting on Darts with Live

For more careful punters, there is a live darts betting option. It lets you bet on the ongoing match. And it can be very handy. You analyze competitors through their initial performance. And then you can bet more accurately. But don’t sleep on it.

Live odds are shifting according to players’ performances. So, try to outrun us and make a darts bet while the odds are profitable. We have a tool to help you.

Many of the sports we feature have live streams. And so, the darts. You can watch any match and make live bets from a single GG.Bet page.

Darts Odds: Bet on Top Tournaments at the Best Conditions

According to our principles, excellent betting sites must have excellent odds. So we do everything to make the best darts odds!

We have a research team considering all pre-match details. Their analysis creates the most precise and highest odds.

Moreover, we have several bet types: Decimal, US, Hong Kong, Indo, and Malay. Decimal is a leader here. It’s probably due to their easy calculation. To know how much you’ll win betting with decimals, simply multiply your stake by the odd number. For instance, 1.50 by C$10. Your win here would be C$5 (C$15 in total).

You should also know that the size of darts odds depends on the event. The bigger the tournament, the more we’ll raise the odds to attract bettors. Here are several events worth your attention.

World Masters

World Masters is a historic darts event. It has existed since 1974 and is an arena for 16 world's best darts players.

Such high-skilled competitors mean an important thing: exceptional darts betting odds. If you bet mindfully, you win piles of cash.

PDC World Darts Championship

Another world-class darts event takes place at Alexandra Palace in London. At the World Darts Championship, everyone is hungry to win. Players want both trophies and prestige.

That’s the reason why each next WDC is more exciting to watch. And also, to bet on. With rapidly increasing competitors’ skill levels, the odds are unstable. So you can pull off some fat darts bets.

Premier League Darts

Premier League Darts is a part of the Triple Crown series and is important for leading darts players. It’s especially true knowing how hard it is to get into the League. There are only 8 spots!

A crazy clash is guaranteed. Matches go weekly from February to May, and we cover them all. So that’s four months of exquisite darts betting.

World Matchplay

Of course, Canadian GGBet also features a third leg of the Triple Crown: World Matchplay. Just like all the events mentioned before, this one is also huge. It has the world’s top players fighting for reputation and prizes.

While you can fight for prizes too. World Matchplay has some good odds, so you can win a lot.

Darts Betting Tips

Even if you comprehend everything above, it will be hard to excel at darts betting immediately. You need experience. Fortunately, we packed it for you in the form of tips. Take a look:

  • Value 180s markets. 180s lines are known to be a consistent profit source when betting on underdogs. For instance, if the player scores 180s first, it doesn’t mean he wins. But bookmakers calculate the odds differently. Use it;
  • Have an analysis strategy. Make a pre-match analysis a part of your betting routine. Find and compare the weak and strong points of both players. You must know who’s better at short or long format, group or solo play. This will give you a match perspective and, thus, better predictions;
  • Consider live bets when uncertain. Don’t drop the bet if you can’t decide to put it. Remember, GGBet has streams for live betting. First, take a look at the match. Maybe your doubts will be cast away after several seconds.

These best darts betting tips are different but can be applied all together. If that’s too hard, take one and master it. And then move through all. Soon, you’ll become much better at darts betting online.

Be a Winner in Online Darts Betting with GG.Bet Sports

At GG.Bet we love darts. We follow the sport’s pro scene, presenting you with the most anticipated tournaments. Their scale allows us to raise the odds. So, our darts bettors get the highest profit per stake.

Also, they get the most fun per stake. They aren’t tied to a boring match-winner line. They shift between 180s, handicaps, tournament winners, and live bets.

How about joining the wealthiest darts bettors at GGBet Canada? We offer you a fantastic opportunity to claim a limited 200% welcome offer and start your way to riches. Hurry, as you never know when the promotion ends.