Chess Betting in Canada

Chess match

Chess betting takes a special place in the global market with all its dynamism and quick responses to new trends. More and more bettors want to diversify their interests and move from traditional sports (football, hockey, basketball, etc.) to intellectual pursuits such as chess.

The attractiveness of this kind of betting lies not only in the novelty but also in the features of predicting the winner. To do this, it is necessary to understand the player's strategy, potential to outwit the enemy, abilities for different tricks, and more. To do this, the bettor must understand the nuances of the game and the specific players.

Also, chess is distinguished by fairly high odds that attract the attention of enthusiasts. Chess betting odds are attractive precisely because you need to figure out a strategy or predict an unexpected move to win and get an impressive cash prize.

Make the Most of Every Game with the Best Chess Betting Odds from GG.Bet

There aren't many betting platforms in Canada for this sport, so GG.Bet aims to be the best solution on the market. It is distinguished by a wide line, various markets, and fairly high odds you can take advantage of.

How to Bet on Chess

It is always better to use chess betting tips regardless of your experience or a specific event you chose. First of all, it is worth studying the Elo rating system. It was developed by Arpad Elo and is aimed to help you understand the relative skill levels of the players. The higher the player's rating, the higher his potential and the probability of winning.

So, for example, a difference of a few points may not affect the game's outcome at all, while a few hundred points usually indicate a favorite. However, this rating is rather an additional element and does not give 100% guarantees.

While betting on chess, it is important to consider the playing style of both players. This will give you an idea of how the match will develop and what outcome you can expect to get. The game starts from the first stage when the players determine their positions. Then comes the middle game, where the players apply their strategies. In the end, an endgame occurs, where the opponents try to checkmate each other.

The color that the chess player receives plays a significant role since, for example, white has historically always given an advantage. If, at the same time, you know the favorite opening moves of the player, then you have more chances to win.

Successful betting is impossible without understanding how chess odds work. Plus, the potential winnings directly depend on them. Here is an example with famous grandmasters for better understanding:

  • On Olexandr Bortnyk’s victory: 1.50;
  • On Aditya Mittal’s victory: 2.50;
  • On a Draw: 2.00.

The odd represents the payout for each unit of the bet. If you bet 50 CAD on Bortnyk, you can potentially receive 75 CAD (initial amount + 25 CAD profit). By analogy, if you bet 50 CAD on Mittal to win you will receive 125 CAD. And accordingly, if you bet 50 CAD on the outcome with a draw, you will get 100 CAD. Judging by the odds, it is Bortnyk who is the favorite. However, unforeseen turns may happen in chess, and this is where understanding the game, players’ peculiarities and their strategies plays a key role.

Chess Betting Markets

Due to the few possible outcomes, the range of chess betting types is not so versatile. As a GGBet user, you may choose among three of the most popular options available. The first is a Winner Bet (1x2) when you predict the victory of the first player, or think that the second player will win.

The second option is a bet on a draw when you do not support any of the players. Those who enjoy betting on chess often pick this option, as many matches end in a draw. Outright betting is the third type when you predict the outcome of not individual games but championships or tournaments. As a rule, outright markets offer tempting betting odds. However, they are more unpredictable and require you to have a deep understanding of the specifics of the game.

Increase Your Chances with Live Chess Betting

Live betting is popular because you experience dynamic odds that change in real time. Also, you may quickly assess a player's form and strategy, use more bet types, advantage higher live chess odds, and hedge opportunities. On GGBet, you can enjoy all available live chess events and use the built-in live broadcast option. It brings more engagement and helps you make a more informed decision.

Betting on the Chess World Championship

The World Chess Championship is the main event in which the best player in the world is determined. Currently, it is Ding Liren who defeated his rival Ian Nepomniachtchi at the last championship in 2023. Since 2014, the championship has been held once every 2 years.

Despite the openness of the event to everyone, there are separate championships for age groups up to 20 years and younger, women, seniors, etc. GG.Bet offers ultimate betting options for this event. While betting with us, you enjoy the best chess odds for games with the famous Grandmasters.

Other Tournaments for Online Chess Betting

Canadians on our chess betting site can bet in even more tournaments, including the following:

  • FIDE Grand Prix. This a series of tournaments, a qualifying stage for the cycle of the main event – the World Chess Championship. Here, players compete for points in several competitions.
  • FIDE World Cup. This popular knockout tournament, where participants play mini-matches. This is also one of the qualifying series before the World Chess Championship.
  • Tata Steel Chess Tournament. One of the most prestigious annual tournaments taking place in the Netherlands. It is attended by elite players worldwide.
  • World Blitz Chess Championship. This is an official event held yearly where participants compete in dynamic games. As a rule, this is 3 minutes per side + adding a few seconds for each move.

By playing at our bookmaker, you may access all these and even more chess events and get a chance at a big cash prize. We provide you with all key stats for the most well-informed decision and offer to enjoy top chess live.