Baseball Betting in Canada


Although baseball originated in England in 19th century, nowadays, it’s mainly popular in the United States, where it is the second most popular sport after football. It is also played all over the world and has major professional leagues in Japan, South Korea, Italia, Dania, Sweden and other countries.

Professional Baseball Scene

Baseball is still one of the main sport games in the Americas, with the MLB, which was founded in 1903, being the biggest professional league on the scene. Major League Baseball consists of two leagues: the National League and American League, each of them consists of 15 teams. Out of 30 teams, only one is based in Canada; all the other teams are from the United States. Each season, there are a total of 162 regular games that determine the five best teams in each league that make it to two separate post-season tournaments. Then, the winner of each tournament then competes in the World Series, which is held in a best-of-seven format during the fall season. MLB is currently the second most popular professional sports league in the U.S. after the NFL (National Football League).

Baseball Betting

Although GGBET was initially created as an e-sports website, today we are expanding to the market of the traditional sports betting. So, from now on, you can put your money on baseball matches using all the features our great platform provides, including:

  • A well-designed and intuitive user interface;
  • Regular bonuses and reasonable odds; and
  • A great number of available betting markets.

What Baseball Bet Types Are Available At GGBET?

GGBET has more baseball bet types than you can handle! With 10 + options, you will never get bored. Here are some of our favorites below:

  • Winner - Which team is going to win? Will the Yankees be victorious, or will the Red Sox be too strong? At GGBET, you can bet on your favorite team to win!
  • Total - To win this exciting bet, you need to guess how many runs both teams combined will score in a baseball match! GGBet sets the line, and you need to predict if it will be over or under!
  • Handicap - To make games even more exciting, GGBET offers handicap betting. For your bet to win, your team needs to cover the run spread!

To start placing bets on baseball or any other type of sport, you need to create an account, which won’t take you longer than a minute, or you can also log in with one of your existing social media accounts. By verifying your email, you’ll get additional bonuses and protect your account. You can deposit credits using one of multiple of payment methods. From now on, you are ready to place your money with the best odds on all major events not only in baseball but in other sports, as well, including soccer, basketball and hockey. Baseball betting has never been easier!